42DBS GmbH is a Software company headquartered in Germany and is part of Zejn Group.


The core business is the development, implementation, and sales of the ShakeSpeare Software technology. We are responsible mainly for the markets in the EU, UK, USA, Canada.

To supporting our clients in the legal, healthcare, compliance, auditing, finance, controlling, banking, and quality management segments


42DBS focuses on providing digital products and solutions for companies operating in the fields of law, healthcare, compliance, auditing, finance, controlling, banking, insurance and quality management. We are an IT company with great expertise and experience in these business areas and therefore understand the process and workflow requirements very well. We offer the technical and industry expertise in implementing a ShakeSpeare software solution or developing a customized solution for your requirements.


The vision of 42DBS and Zejn Group is that by applying modern technologies and tools to everyday business, a 6-hour workday will become the standard by 2030, with the same or better productivity than today. Our mission is to provide such technologies and solutions to our customers and fully support them in the first steps of digitalizing their business.

Our business process road


We have an open discussion with you regarding your needs and expectations

A 1:1 meeting with our experts for your use case is conducted where we discuss your goals. 


We provide a proposed solution to your challenge

Based on our talks you are provided with a proposal on how to reach your goal with us.


Solution fits your needs

If the proposed solution fits your expectations, needs, and budgets, we define the conditions for cooperation, needed resources and define a time plan to achieve result.


Deploy the solution

We provide you with the solution we agreed on and help you implement it in your organization.


Constant support and improvement

After the solution is implemented, we support you during the lifetime of the solution and help you with improvements as new ideas and technology are available.

Our business process road

Our happy customers

“Very flexible BPA/RPA tool enables easy and fast (< 1day) implementation of less complex processes”

“Game-changing software system”

I liked the most that Shakespeare not only covers support for BPM, but offers also very good DMS module. This means that all the documents, that are used in BPM processes are safely stored in DMS storage, which offers also additional capabilities such as document template costumization and out-of-the-box integration with some important backend systems on the market.

Consultant in Public Policy

That is totaly web oriented and does not need a client installation. That it’s BPM engine enables to make different types of processes, that could be adhoc deployed based on a client needs. That is robust and stable with the stress on scalability, availability and reliability, not to mention the excellent customer experience.

User in Hospital & Health Care

Shakespeare software is daily used in our work for managing legal cases. It helps the users to have better overview of their tasks and status of legal cases. Software is also integrated with our courts, so it saves a lot of time and reduces operational risk, as it automatically tracks the development and status of certain legal cases. Additional integration with our core system is also possible, to even further automatize the manual work and focus really only on content of legal cases, instead of a lot of administrative tasks.

Luka B.

Shakespeare ability to create any, even the most complex workflow. A lot of automation like email processing, importing data from OCR document sources and automatic escalations are nice features.

Dusan K

Shake is easy to use, modular and easy to manage, having opportunity to create or edit processes and drag out all meta data we need daily. Seamlessly integrated BPM/RPA/DMS with standard office tools makes it secure and much easier to use.

Denis B

Our customers / companies who trust us

Start solving your challenge and grow better with 42DBS by your side.