Development of ShakeSpeare™ started in the end of 1990s as a software for management of a small law firm. The core development is done by Zejn Ltd. in Slovenia.

The software has evolved from a simple solution to a powerful corporate grade tool designed in Java Enterprise Edition. Several developments to the core system were done as part of entering new markets, such as banking sector, public administration organisations, medical, retail and production companies.

The key strength of the software lies in its ability to be quickly modified with relatively low costs when compared to global competitors. Evolutions and integrations have been done for specific fields, but the main development was always focused on the core, thus making ShakeSpeare™ a more powerful and capable solution with every version. While basic at the first impression, there is a strong system in the background that is able to collect, manage and integrate large amounts of information. The applications of the software family range from very simple tools for managing basic processes supported with own document management solution, through combinations with corporate grade OCR to complex solutions as working software for entire financial organisations, except excluding core banking software.

A short video, part of the company history, produced years ago when the development of the BPM tool was started and combined with the Document Management System and ShakeSpeare™ application. Even today it explains what a BPM tool does in a great and understandable way.