ShakeSpeare™ Banking

With the beginnings in ShakeSpeare™ Legal and further development in legal department management, banks have become one of the core clients for ShakeSpeare™ solutions. First the solutions were delivering performance tracking, case and risk management of banks on the “work-out” – so debt collection and bad debts but through specific requirements of bank clientele, further functionalities were developed.

Today banking is a vertical where our references show, that we have clients in the finance industry, who used ShakeSpeare™ software for the entire organization system, except for the core-banking solution, for which ShakeSpeare™ is not suitable neither it was ever developed. With our bank client base you will find various systems and evolutions of the software family – from the loan originating process for banks and micro-credit foundations up to work-out, department management, legal department helpdesk for bank branch legal consultancy and case consultancy to specific OCR solutions for digitizing the income statements and balance-sheets  of clients from various .pdf, .xml or printed formats for credit ratings.

With banks and financial institutions high-level of security, reliability and stability is required and ShakeSpeare™ delivers. Each project is individual and developed in close cooperation with the client, focused on specific solutions adapted to the financial institution or organization.

You can find some case studies and approaches in the related case-studies.