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The Council is an advisory body of the Bavarian Industry Association (vbw) and makes recommendations for action on forward-looking topics for society, business and politics.

One of the main topics of this year’s congress was, among other things, on improving the efficiency of the healthcare system and the introduction of an electronic patient file. The digitization of the health system is not only important in Bavaria, but a great challenge throughout Germany.

Electronic patient record – a central policy recommendation of the Future Council

With the electronic patient record the health history of a patient is traceable. It provides a better overview and the treating physicians have a better understanding of a patient’s medical background. In the electronic patient record, it can be determined across the organization how the patient was treated and measures of a treating person can be documented in this. This can relieve the staff of administrative tasks.

Electronic patient record increases efficiency and reduces administrative burden

Physicians are often faced with the challenge of insufficient medical files and the previous treatment process is uncertain. They require more time to care for their patients and they need to be reliefed from administrative tasks

A digitized healthcare company thanks to our ShakeSpeare® software platform

Healthcare providers need more resources to care for their patients and relieve administrative burdens.

To help healthcare providers focus on their core competencies, ShakeSpeare® offers the ability to digitize many areas of the organisation, such as an electronic personnel file for hospital employees, digital approval processes for orders, or bill management. ShakeSpeare® also includes integrated workflow management, which structures work processes and reduces the burden on medical staff. Our reference customer Klinik Höhenried uses ShakeSpeare® to digitize large parts of their operations (purchasing, IT ticketing, human resources).

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