ShakeSpeare® Legal pitched at Bits & Pretzels 2019!

ShakeSpeare® Legal is being pitched at Bits and Pretzels competing for the Golden Pretzel Award. Barack Obama might very well shake our hand and bow in respect 😊.

That is a clear confirmation of having a cutting edge product ( See you on Sunday at Bits and Pretzels 2019!

Bits and Pretzels – Day One – Image ©Andreas Gebert

Market launch of ShakeSpeare® 5.1.0 set for October 2019

ShakeSpeare® Technology Version 5.1.0 is almost ready for market launch in October this year. If you are interested to see what the additional functions, features and changes to the core technology are, feel free to contact our Sales & Business Development department or our technical teams if you are already a client using one of the ShakeSpeare® solutions. The roll-out will continue throughout the Q4-2019 and H1-2020, based on the vertical in question.

We are now 42DBS GmbH, A Zejn Group Company

Imporant information for our partners and interested parties:

Please take into account the following changes, that will be published in September in the Company Register in Germany.

In accordance with the Zejn Group marketing strategy, the company name 42 DIGITAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GmbH is changed to: 42DBS GmbH A Zejn Group Company.

Our address will also be updated in September to: 42DBS GmbH A Zejn Group Company, c/o MINDSPACE, Herzogspitalstraße 24, 80311 München, DE-DEUTSCHLAND (GERMANY).

All other contact and bank data stays the same.


Jan Baksa Lesjak