Process management is not the only part relevant for company digitization and effectiveness.

Today business and investment decisions need to be informed and scenarios need to be played out before decisions are met. In order to fill the market gap between expensive and complex corporate solutions we provide a solution for Predictive Analytics and Scenario management.

Companies, investors and consulted companies or individuals are now able to use these tools to better understand possible effects of making business or investment decisions. The software was developed based on extensive industry knowledge but with the thought that it needs to be simple enough to use to still provide benefits but be feasible for actual use.

With the tool Simulation models can be build and adapted for various industries, therefore helping consultants consult, companies decide and investors make informed decisions with various possible outcomes and risk management on the uncontrollable variables. It is a powerful tool that is based on domain knowledge of the client but adds great value for making informed decisions before an actual decision made and enables scenario playout for various unknowns – i.e. energy, material or work-costs prices, market risks and others.

We offer this solution to various domain experts as Software as a Service.