ShakeSpeare™ Legal

ShakeSpeare™ Legal is a vertical of the software family suited for Law firms and Legal Departments within medium and large organizations and public administration bodies.

Based on digitization of various information sources, such as company registers, insolvency registers and especially the ongoing digitization of courts in various countries in the EU, various types of solutions are available.

ShakeSpeare™ Legal was the motivation for development of ShakeSpeare™ software family as it started out as a Law firm management software and later through development grew to be a Legal department management software. For Law firms the system is based on individual cases, for which in certain countries, that enable that, the entire case management and court communication, time spent monitoring, document management and in-firm communication are done through ShakeSpeare™.

For Legal Departments the main benefits are the tracking of the department efficiency, KPI tracking, case management i.e. for banks – how many outstanding bad loans they have and an improved estimated based on big data on expected success rates.

The solution in its base is focused on the case management, organization management and tracking. It enables several other features upon the availability in various countries and the needs of the clients. Typical project is an out-of-the box solution which is then further adjusted, developed and integrated with data sources and court systems upon client specifications and country-specific availability.

The farthest developed country in the EU markets is Slovenia where all cases are managed electronically and also all legal proceedings are done it that way.

For larger clients case out-sourcing to external legal experts and lawyers is also a big benefit of the software, granting specific access rights to cases and documents to various roles and people involved in the processes.

ShakeSpeare™ Legal will be offered in Germany by January 2018 for Law firms and is already offered to banks and large organizations for legal department and case management in Q4 of 2017.

Download the brochure for more information on the solution.