Based on experience and demand we have decided to officially offer Web development and services to the general market from January 2020.


ShakeSpeare® Technology provides a backend operations platform for many companies and organizations and there was always a need to take care of the market side of these companies, so they turned to us as a trusted partner to provide them with web development services and consultancy or management of internet marketing. As you know, the saying if you are not on google, you do not exist is becoming ever more real in todays world.

After completing several successful projects and building an extensive Partner network of professionals, we decided to offer that to you as well.


Development of webpages in various Technologies (WordPress, React, Angular), dependent on use-case, we have and provide the following:


  • Information webpages
  • E-Commerce and service offering sites with payment systems
  • Lead collection sites
  • B2C (Business to client), B2B (Business to business) and C2C (Client to case in Legal)
  • Client portals (Legal market)

Development of applications for Mobile (Android, iOS) or Mobile-first specialized websites:


You have a service or product offering you want to bring closer to your partners, consumers, insurance takers or clients – with the expansion and advancements in Smartphone technology, the Mobile Phone is more than just a phone and camera, it is a gateway to the world and your clients.

Development of SEO and analytics for google and other advertising

Development of SEO and analytics for google and other advertising:


  • SEO Analysis of the market and competition (we work with world´s top experts)
  • Google Adwords campaign and campaign training
  • Consultancy in Web Projects and Advertising
  • Goal setting
  • Conversion rate improvement and tracking
Specialized Web Development

Specialized Web Development (backend Development):


  • Development of plugins for automation of certain tasks or calculations
  • Specialized development and database set-up for expert use cases
  • Web-based software solutions for public administration or private sector

If you are a business or organization needing a revamp of your web presence or are exploring digital business models we have you covered. Additionally not only are you purchasing services, but you are also guided through the projects with our project management experts that will be your point of contact, understand your requirements and the market and will ensure that you get what you pay for, that your investment will be placed well and grow your business or improve customer experience. For the best look & feel we also have a partner network of experienced designers and user-experience experts so that your solutions will also be usable intuitively.


Add to that the ShakeSpeare® Software Suite as a back-end solution connected to your web presence, sky is the limit and your digital business models can thrive, not only will you be ready for the future, you are the future.


We are best in small to mid-size web projects, usually ranging from 5.000€ to 100.000€ investment. Smaller or larger projects are of course also possible.

If you are a business or organization needing a revamp of your web presence or are exploring digital business models we have you covered.

Proven experts


We only work with top notch proven experts – professionals and expert niche companies who are among the best on the market.

The way we work


In Web development we work best in Agile approach and sprints (dedicated teams with specified timeframes and milestones), but other project approaches are also possible, if the project or client require it.

A typical Web Project has the initial kickoff meeting, design, stage 1 (initial sprint to a working prototype), documentation & testing, stage 2 (upgrade sprint), testing stage 3 (upgrade sprint), final documentation and acceptance, live deployment.


You are assigned a project manager from our side who coordinates various profiles needed for the project. In the proposal phase we define the proposed technology to be used and listen carefully to your needs providing suggestions and feedbacks based on our experience.


Often if not always a connection to ShakeSpeare® Technology is part of our projects. The combination of both is true digitalization of business. Connection with ShakeSpeare® is a strategic advantage of every organization – Law firms, Consultancy companies, Government or public sector, Service providers or general B2C or B2B companies.


Stage 1

initial sprint to a working prototype


Stage 2

upgrade sprint


Stage 3

final documentation and acceptance, live deployment


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