42 Digital Business Solutions GmbH is a corporate startup located in Munich, Germany and a subsidiary company of Zejn Group.

Our main mission is to enable Digitization in our client organizations. For that purpose we focus mainly on implementing the ShakeSpeare™ solutions in various sectors, the traditional markets as finance sector, healthcare, public administration and retail.

However, with advances in product development, competitive prices of the IT infrastructure in the last years, small and medium enterprises as well as fast growing companies have been identified as a market that can benefit from implementing ShakeSpeare™ solutions.

Furthermore we also connect with partners in various fields to be able to provide our clients and sales partners with a full set of solutions and know-how that will enable further steps in digitization of business and advancements in day-to-day operations, focusing on process management, business planning and other aspects of their business.

Our motto is: Let us improve your back-office processes so that you may focus on your core business.

We are here and willing to help organizations make the first steps in digitization, as well as helping advanced organizations with tailor-made solutions to improve their effectiveness in specific areas or departments to better manage risks, compliance, operation efficiency and reduction of human error and time spent on process steps.

Taking time to listen to our clients is our main advantage, as we would like to understand the challenges of the clients to be able to steer the development of the ShakeSpeare™ software family in the right direction to enable clients to stay competitive in a global market.

Meet the key people in 42 Digital Business Solutions

Jan Baksa Lesjak

Jan Baksa Lesjak

Company CEO

With a 14 year long background in quality assurance and conformity assessment in the global company Bureau Veritas SA, Jan Baksa Lesjak is responsible for the DACH region and management of 42 Digital Business Solutions GmbH in Munich, Bavaria.
He also holds a function as Member of the Board of Directors in Zejn Group.

Anselm Appel

Anselm Appel

Business Developer Germany

Anselm joined 42 Digital Business Solutions in July 2017 from Audi, where he was part of the team managing the development of new production capacity of Audi in Mexico. With deep knowledge and understanding of the business processes and their complexities he is a valuable addition to the 42DBS team.
His responsibilities lie in developing the markets in Germany, analysing and addressing the market needs.